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The Canary Islands have four provincial prefixes: the 928 and the 828 for Las Palmas, the 922 and 822 for Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The Spanish Prefix is 0034, so if you wish to call from abroad you should dial 0034+local phone number (with the provincial prefixes).

In the Canary Islands, as well as in the rest of Spain you’ll find many public telephones inside street cabins, hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping centres, cyber cafes and parlours.

Public cabins accept the 5, 10, 20, 50 cent coins and 1 and 2 Euro coins. Many public cabins also accept phone cards which you might buy on the kiosks or specialized shops.

Connect to the Internet in the Canary Islands.

Connect to the Internet in the Canary Islands

You might connect to the Internet from the Canary Islands on any cyber cafe for about 1€ or 2€ per hour. You might also connect for free on public libraries and some social centres. Besides most of the hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants usually offer free Wi-Fi connection (sometimes a general consumption must be done).

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