What should I wear on the Canary Islands?

Read our advices on what to wear when you travel to the Canary Islands as well as differences in sizes between Spain to other countries.What clothes to wear?

On this archipelago, the season of your trip is not very relevant when preparing your clothes as the climate on the Canary Islands is usually regular, arid, with low rainfalls and an average temperature of 22ºC (71,6ºF). Moreover, due to the well-known “Corriente Canaria” the water temperature is always between 22ºC (71,6ºF) on summer and 19ºC (66,2ºF) during winter.

Comparative clothe size table used in the Canary Islands.

clothe size table


In some places or festivities you might be requested for a certain kind of shoes or clothes to mingle with the locals. It’s convenient to get previously informed on which places you should take special clothing in order to avoid unpleasant reactions.

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