Customs in the Canary Islands

Discover how the Customs work in the Canary Islands and which are the current restrictions.

Customs in the Canary Islands

When traveling to the Canary Islands, or anywhere else in the world, you should pay special attention with the objects that you’re taking with you as there are several objects prohibited to bring into certain countries. It’s advisable to always ask on the embassy about what can you take into a certain country.

Customs’ restrictions in the Canary Islands:

While passing through the Customs in the Canary Islands there are a series of products for which you don’t have to pay as well as other products you might need to declare.

On the following list you’ll find the maximum amount of products you might take without paying anything on the customs.

Coffee: 1.000 grams or 400 grams of extract.
Tea: 200 grams or 80 grams of extract.
Alcoholic Beverages: 1,5 litres for drinks with more than 22 degrees or 3 litres for drinks with less than 22 degrees. In case table wines or foaming you might take up to 5 litres.
Tobacco: 300 cigarettes (when weighing less than 3 grams each unit), 75 cigars (if weighing more than 3 grams each unit). In case of tobacco for a tobacco pipe you might take till 300 grams.

It’s advisable to ask about any object that you doubt in order to be sure and avoid further problems. In caso any prohibited object is found it’ll be requisitioned and you might be fined.

Moreover you should be aware to liquid restrains in the commercial planes.

Which documents might be solicited to enter the Canary Islands?

On the customs the following documents will be solicited:

Documents solicited on the Customs to the visitors belonging to the European Union:

- National Identification Card or Passport (for all travellers)
- National Identification Card or Passport + family registration book (for minors traveling with their parents)
- National Identification Card or Passport + Permit to travel signed and recognized by the family by an official dependency (for minors traveling on their own).

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