Los Realejos, Tenerife

Discover what to do and see in Los Realejos, in North Tenerife.

Los Realejos

The Los Realejos is a municipality on the north of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

coast of Los Realejos
coast of Los Realejos © Carlos SM.
Paragliding in Los Realejos
Paragliding © Turismo Tenerife

The municipality of Los Realejos has a surface of 57.5 square kilometers from where you might observe a great variety of attractions, even though most of them are unknown for most of us.

This is one of the Canary municipalities with greater natural richness, as nearly 50% of its surface is protected by environmental laws. From this protected sites we might recommend the

This is one of the Canary municipalities with greater natural richness, as nearly 50% of its surface is protected by environmental laws. From this protected sites we might recommend the Teide National Park, the Corona Forestal Natural Park, the Montaña de los Frailes Natural Monument, the Protected Landscapes of Tigaiga and Ruíz de la Rambla de Castro and the Ruíz Ravine.

All these spaces form an impressive network of natural environment opportunities to improve your direct nature contact for example through its wide range of walking trails.
It’s also possible to enjoy this natural environment through admiring the landscape in one of the many viewpoints available. The most famous viewpoints are the San Pedro viewpoint and the La Corona viewpoint from where you can see some of the most singular aspects of the Canary Islands.

Moreover all this spaces, on the coast of Los Realejos is full of beautiful creeks and beaches with black sand that offer the perfect conditions for your relaxation in the warmer sunny days. The most famous beaches and bathing areas are the El Socorro Beach, Castro Beach, La Fajana Beach and the Guindaste Natural Pools.

It’s also important to know that this is one of the locations that best conserve their traditional and cultural values, and this is why it might also be considered one of the most festivity municipalities in Spain. This municipality has nearly 80 celebrations and festivities every year. The best months to visit it are on May, July and August the activity peaks.

One of the most famous festivity happens on the 3rd May and it’s in honor to la Cruz, on this festivity the floral constructions ornament the streets and, during the night, a great pyrotechnical exhibition is held. This is one of the longest exhibitions in Europe, it lasts nearly 3 hours and it’s watched by thousands of locals and tourists. Also important festivities are the Carnival, The Holy Week, the San Isidro pilgrimage (on May), the El Carmen Festivities (on July) and the Realexo (on August).

This municipality also has important Historic-Artistic Heritage as this municipality’s history remains to more than 500 years ago as can be observed in sites such as the Santiago Apóstol Church.

If you’re very active people looking for more movement, in Los Realejos, you’ll be truly satisfied as this municipality is a true paradise for the practice of alternative sports, adventure, and nature contact due to the diversity in natural spaces, high, medium and coastal areas all united by the perfect climatic conditions common with many other locations on the island of Tenerife. Also you might find great clubs and associations that are willing to organize your sport trip. Without any doubt one of the most famous alternative sports in Los Realejos is the paragliding, it’s even held here the world’s most important event within this category.

On this municipality you might also practice many other sports that have a large number of fans, such as surf. El Socorro Beach is one of the most famous beaches among surfers from all over Europe.

Another important sport you might practice around here is diving, as the cleanliness of these waters make this site an idyllic spot to practice this sport throughout the year. There are many different sceneries and details to be observed.

Moreover, there are many other recommended sports to practice in Los Realejos such as hiking, horse riding, cycling, fishing and windsurf.

If you’re passing by this municipality and you would like to know some interesting places to visit, then take a look at the following: Guindaste Natural Pools, San Fernando Fort, La Corona Viewpoint and the San Pedro Viewpoint.

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