Museums in Gran Canaria

Enjoy the island of Gran Canaria while discovering its history, culture, tradition and its curiosities through its interesting museums.

Gran Canaria is an island of culture, traditions, history, curiosities and visiting its museums might be one of the best ways to discover them.

Below you might find a list of the most interesting museums in Gran Canaria:

Colón House MuseumColón House Museum
Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Description: This is a complex of several villas from its foundational period. Its study and promotion is concentrated on the History of the city, the Columbus voyages, the precolombina American history and paintings from the XVI to XIX centuries.

Canary MuseumCanary Museum
Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Description: This museum is oriented to the scientific and cultural investigation from the prehistory of the Canary Islands.

Elder Museum of Science and TechnologyElder Museum of Science and Technology
Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Description: It has many exhibitions, workshops and interactive exhibitions. It also has a children’s room, a greenhouse with an ecosystem and projection rooms in a wide format cinema.

Atlantic Centre of Modern ArtAtlantic Centre of Modern Art
Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Description: This museum is dedicated to the modern art and has main goal of strengthening the canary islands’ art on the rest of the world.

Pérez Galdós House MuseumPérez Galdós House Museum
Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Description: This was the birthplace of Pérez Galdós, you might take a look at its permanent exhibition of family and domestic routines and life of this canary islands’ writer.

Néstor MuseumNéstor Museum
Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Description: This is a gallery where you might see the great collection of the canary islands’ artist Néstor Martín Fernández de La Torre.

Tejeda History and Traditions MuseumTejeda History and Traditions Museum
Address: Tejeda
Description: This museum presents in an actual interactive way the traditions and costumes of the Tejeda municipality.

La Rama MuseumLa Rama Museum
Address: Agaete
Description: It’s dedicated to the La Rama festivities, classified as having a National Touristic Interest since 1972.

Ethnographic Museum and exotical garden - Casa RománticaEthnographic Museum and exotical garden, Casa Romántica
Address: Agaete.
Description: Here you might discover the traditional lifestyle from the XIX century till the beginning of the XX century.

Poet Javier de la Rosa MuseumPoet Javier de la Rosa Museum
Address: Agaete.
Description: This museum is oriented to traditional artistic subjects that emerge within the visual arts.

La Zafra MuseumLa Zafra Museum
Address: Santa Lucía de Tirajana
Description: In this museum you’ll find the most important aspects of the recent history of Santa Lucía de Tirajana, related with the growth and packaging of the tomato.

Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological SiteCueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Site
Address: Gáldar
Description: It’s classified as “national interest site”, here you’ll find an interesting part of the Gran Canaria’s history.

Antonio Padrón House MuseumAntonio Padrón House Museum
Address: Gáldar
Description: This was the former studio of the painter Antonio Padrón.

Agüimes History MuseumAgüimes History Museum
Address: Agüimes
Description: Here you’ll find information about the last five centuries of history in the Agüimes municipality since the episcopal lordship implementation, after the castellan conquest of the island on the mid XX century.

Guayadeque MuseumGuayadeque Museum
Address: Agüimes
Description: In this museum you’ll find information on the environmental and heritage elements of Guayadeque.

Tomás Morales Museum HouseTomás Morales Museum House
Address: Moya.
Description: This was the birthplace of the poet Tomás Morales, where you’ll discover many curiosities about the life of the poet.

Gofio and Ganadero MuseumGofio and Ganadero Museum
Address: Firgas
Description: These are two museums dedicated to the importance of the gofio and in honor to the cattle raisers from Firgas.

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