Museums in La Palma

Discover which are the best museums on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands.

La Palma is an island of culture and traditions and the best way to discover them is by visiting a few ethnographic museums. The island of La Palma is characterized by agriculture and its sealife tradition. This is why numerous traditions are dedicated to these subjects as, for example, the Naval Museum, the Mojo Museum or the Banana Museum.

La Palma Wine House MuseumLa Palma Wine House Museum
Address: Camino El Callejón, 88, Las Manchas, El Paso.
Description: It contains interesting information about the History of vine, its growth and elaboration.

Benahorita Archaeological MuseumBenahorita Archaeological Museum
Address: Calle de las Adelfas nº1, Los Llanos de Aridane.
Description: In this museum you might discover the habitat, the industries, the exploitment of the environment and the magical-religious beliefs.

Casa Roja MuseumCasa Roja Museum
Address: Calle Maximiliano Pérez Díaz, Mazo.
Description: Museum dedicated to the El Corpus Festivity.

Molino El Regente MuseumMolino El Regente Museum
Address: Calle Los Magnolios 33, Los Sauces.
Description: Ethnographic Museum about the process of roasting of maize.

La Palma Insular MuseumLa Palma Insular Museum
Address: Plaza de San Francisco, s/n. Santa Cruz de La Palma.
Description: It has information about archaeology, natural sciences, ethnography, flemish and hispanic-american art.

Contemporary MuseumContemporary Museum
Address: Calle de la Luz s/n, Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de La Palma.
Description: This museum houses interesting collections specialized in contemporary canary artists.

Naval MuseumNaval Museum
Address: Avenida de Las Nieves. Barco de la Virgen. Santa Cruz de La Palma.
Description: This museum is housed in a reproduction of the Santa María Caravel. This museum has valuable scrolls from the Indian Courts, Nautical Letters and several navigation tools.

Banana MuseumBanana Museum
Address: Camino San Antonio, el Charco, Tazacorte.
Description: Here you might discover the history on the growth of bananas and its repercussions in this economy and society.

Mojo and Coffee liqueur MuseumMojo and Coffee liqueur Museum
Address: Camino San Antonio, el Charco, Tazacorte.
Description: This is a good exhibition about the importance of both products for the La Palma island.

El Maestro Ethnographic MuseumEl Maestro Ethnographic Museum
Address: Calle 18 de Julio, 11, Tijarafe.
Description: This museum has aboriginal pottery pieces.

José Luís Lorenzo Barreto Ethnographic MuseumJosé Luís Lorenzo Barreto Ethnographic Museum
Address: Calle Real 4, Tijarafe .
Description: Museum dedicated to the history and tradition of Tijarafe town.

Casa Luján MuseumCasa Luján Museum
Address: C/ El Pocito, nº 3. 38715 Puntallana.
Description: Ethnographic Museum housed in a traditional canary islands house from the XVII century.

Garafía Ethnographic MuseumGarafía Ethnographic Museum
Address: Casa de la Cultura de Santo Domingo, Garafía.
Description: This museum is dedicated to the history of garafia municipality.

La Zarza y La Zarzita Cultural ParkLa Zarza y La Zarzita Cultural Park
Address: Calle La Mata, Llano Negro, Garafía.
Description: Archaeological Site with rock carvings.

El Mar MuseumEl Mar Museum
Address: Antiguo faro de Fuencaliente.
Description: This center has the goal of promoting the marine life and information on sea related activities such as fishing..

Belmaco Archaeological ParkBelmaco Archaeological Park 
Address: Carretera del Hoyo de Mazo - Fuencaliente de La Palma.
Description: Is located inside a wide grotto with ten caves inhabited by pre-hispanic indigenous. It also exhibits rock carvings and archaeological remains.

Puro Palmero and las Cruces Festivities MuseumPuro Palmero and las Cruces Festivities Museum
Address: Parque de los Álamos, San Pedro, Breña Alta.
Description: These museums are dedicated to the puro palmero and the Las Cruces festivity in the municipality of Breña Alta.

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