Buses (Guagua) in the Canary Islands

Discover how the bus service works in the Canary Islands.

Guagua Bus Canary Islands

The buses are, without any doubt, the most inexpensive way of traveling between the touristic centres and main towns inside each islands as there are combinations allowing you to get almost anywhere.

If you’re thinking about using this service many times, it might be convenient to acquire a bus pass in the main Bus Stop Station as it will allow you to save nearly half of the ticket price on every trip.

Prices and bus tickets in the Canary Islands:

The prices of the tickets are different according to each line. The might go from 0,80€ till 5€.

The tickets are available inside the bus but if you’ll travel a lot you should look for a bus pass.

You should be aware regarding what you’re looking to pay inside the bus as there are signs warning you that notes higher than 20€ might not be accepted. If you don’t have any other choice you should explain the driver as the law in Spain obliges any type of establishment to accept all kinds of coins and notes available, otherwise they might be committing an offense.

List of the most used/recommended means of transport:

  • Means of transport to travel inside an island:
  • Flights
  • Ferry
  • How I can go from one island to another?
  • Boat
  • Plane

Flight Offers:

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