Travel by plane between the Canary Islands

Find out how to travel by plane from one island to the other in the Canary Islands.

Travel by plane in the Canary Islands.

Traveling by plane is the quickest way of traveling from one island to the other in the Canary Islands. But, even though all the main islands have an airport, not all of them have flight connections between each other. If you’re in Lanzarote looking for a way to go to Fuerteventura you should catch the boat as it will only take you a few minutes and the airline companies don’t operate this journey.

Moreover, if you’ve rent a car or brought your own car it might be better to go by boat as you’re allowed to take your car.

List of the most used/recommended means of transport:

  • Means of transport to travel inside an island:
  • Flights
  • Ferry
  • How I can go from one island to another?
  • Boat
  • Plane

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