Public and Private Means of Transport in the Canary Islands

Discover which are the best public and private means of transport in the Canary Islands.

In the Canary Islands you’ll have many possibilities for traveling whether it’s from one region to another or even between islands. There are many possibilities available to fulfill your needs from boats to planes with regular trips.

List of the most used/recommended means of transport:

Means of transport to travel inside an island:

The perfect mean of transport if you’re in a hurry

Guagua (Bus)Guagua (Bus)
This is one of the most common transport used both by locals and tourists. This isn’t a quick vehicle yet it is economic.

The island of Tenerife also has a modern Tranvía

car-rental-in-the-canary-islandsCar Rental
It’s slightly expensive yet might be the best option to move inside the island.


Means of transport to travel between different islands:

It is a cheap way of traveling between the islands.

This is a quicker yet more expensive way of traveling when compared to the boat.


Alternative means of transport:

Rent a BikeBicycle
Rent a bike, the alternative mean of transport, to meet the island on your own.

A camel ride isn’t very expensive and might represent an unique experience.

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