Travel to the Canary Islands

Understand Canary Islands organization and prepare your trip to one of the islands.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s recommended to understand the customs and details of the place you are going to visit as, in this case, The Canary Islands.

In this section you will get to know some of the most important details of the Canary Islands, such as: the climate, the currency, the language, the holidays, the clothes that are advisable to wear, where you can stay among others. Below you might find more important information to prepare your trip (click on each item for more information)

Details you ought to know when planning your trip to the Canary Islands:


Accomodation in Canary IslandsWhich is the best accommodation to stay in Canaries?
Discover which are the best hotels, apartments, holiday resorts or apart-hotels to stay during your holidays.

CurrencyWhat’s the current currency used in Canary Islands?
Check which is the official currency and how you can pay for your goods in Canaries.


Official LanguageWhich is the official language in Canaries?
The official language is Spanish. Find out which other languages can you use to communicate in the archipelago.


ClimateHow is the climate?
Discover the climate and plan your vacation according to your trip’s season.


Documents need to travelWhat documents do I need to travel?
Find out all the documents needed to travel to the Canary Islands according to your origin country and trip’s motivation.


Call from CanariesHow can I call and connect to the internet from Canaries?
Check out the current dialing codes which are used in Canaries and how you can connect to the Internet.


HolidaysHow and when are the most popular holidays?
Notice how and when the most important holidays take place in Canaries.


Smoke and drinkWhere can i smoke and drink?
Smoking and drinking are banned in some of the cities in Spain. Find out where.


SafeIs it safe travelling to Canaries?
Canaries are one of the safest tourist destinations in Spain.


Medical CareHow is the medical care?
Discover how the health is and how does the medical care work in this region.


ClothesWhat clothes should I wear during my trip to Canaries?
Check some advices about what to wear in Canaries.


Customs WorkHow do the customs work?
Find out what objects are prohibited before organizing your trip.


TaxesWhat tip should I give?
Get to know about the gratuity and taxes paid in Canaries.


Flags of CanariesWhich is the official flag of Canaries?
Discover how the official flags of Canaries are.


magnitudesMagnitudes and units of measure
In Canaries, like in Europe, different measures are used in opposite to the U.S., get to know which ones might you refer in this region.

Acess for the handicappedAccess for the handicapped. 

Jet lagWhat is a Jet Lag?
Understand what is Jet Lag and how to overcome it.

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