Health System in the Canary Islands

Discover how the health system works in the Canary Islands and how may you get your medication.

Health System in the Canary Islands 

Canary Islands’ health system is among the best in Spain regarding medical assistance, with an unbeatable quality level comparable to other countries in the European Union.

It has a wide network of hospitals and assistance centres, public and private, and its emergency services (ambulances, firefighters, police) guarantee the best care and attention for both its inhabitants and tourists.

May I take medicaments into the Canary Islands? How can I acquire them?

In case you need medicaments, you might only take the exact number of medicaments you’ll need for your stay and, if possible, you should take your medical prescription to avoid unnecessary problems.

The medicaments are usually carried in your hand luggage, apart from the liquids, as you’re not allowed to transport liquid in your hand luggage (maximum of 100 millimeters).

If you need more, you might always acquire it in the Canary Islands but only with medical prescription (for the medications that require it), as some medications might not be sold without prescription.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Emergency Service
Appointment in the Canary Islands Health System: 012
Red Cross: 902 222 292

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