Tenerife Natural Parks

Explore and be surprised by the National and Natural Parks and protected Sites in Tenerife. 

Tenerife Natural Parks

Tenerife has wide natural parks and important protected sites interesting for ecotourismnature naturism and adventure tourism, due to the great geographical contrasts it offers.

Tenerife is the widest island on the archipelago, and nearly in all its extension you’ll see nature on its purest state. On this island you’ll find many protected sites, specially the famous El Teide National Park, where you might enjoy an extraordinary, unequal landscape. There are many other natural parks and protected spaces deserving your visit and idyllic for your nature related activities.

Below you might find a list of the most recommended natural sites:

El Teide National ParkEl Teide National Park
Address: On the centre of the island.
Description: El Teide the most famous volcano and the highest peak in Spain. The view is unmissable for all of those who visit the island of Tenerife.

Corona Forestal Natural ParkCorona Forestal Natural Park
Address: On the east centre of the island.
Description: An extensive terrain with high mountain vegetation and canary pines surrounding the El Teide National Park.

Chinyero VolcanoChinyero Volcano
Address: Santiago del Teide.
Description: This is the volcano that supported the most recent and most studied eruption registered in Tenerife.

Costa Acentejo Protected LandscapeCosta Acentejo Protected Landscape
Address: On the north of the island, englobes many municipalities.
Description: Localized on the north slope of the island, offers unique beauty landscapes and has many protected species.

Pinolere Natural Integral ReservePinolere Natural Integral Reserve
Address: La Orotava.
Description: Located on a steep are. It’s possible to climb its slope through the water channels from where you might spot the precious landscape of all the valley.

La Rambla de CastroLa Rambla de Castro
Address: Los Realejos.
Description: Highlighted by its singular natural elements as well as for its scientific interest. It has many canary islands palm forest.

Montaña de Los FrailesMontaña de los Frailes
Address: Los Realejos.
Description: This is a small volcanic cone with more than 25 hectare and a singular landscape on the beautiful valley of Valle de La Orotava.

Anaga Rural ParkAnaga Rural Park
Address: Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Description: This is an abrupt range with cropped tops that descend from the impressive valleys and cliffs that reach to the sea on fantastic beaches some only accessible by boat. You’ll be surprised by its wide contrasts.

Pelada MountainPelada Mountain
Address: Granadilla de Abona.
Description: This is a wide volcanic cone with a cauldron of nearly one kilometer formed by hilocastic materials with fragments of nearby rocks, located near the coast.

Montaña Roja Special Natural ReserveMontaña Roja Special Natural Reserve
Address: Granadilla de Abona.
Description: This mountain was formed due to the strong erosion near the sea. This site comprehends a unique landscape nearby beautiful beaches. Here you might see some marine birds in danger of extinction.

Guajara Mountain (Montaña Guajara)Guajara Mountain (Montaña Guajara)
Address: Granadilla de Abona.
Description: With its 2.78 meters high this is the highest peak in El Teide glens. Its formation is believed to have happened more than 3 million years ago. It’s possible to access the peak through some difficult trails.

El Infierno Ravine Natural Reserve (Barranco del Infierno)El Infierno Ravine Natural Reserve (Barranco del Infierno)
Address: Adeje.
Description: This ravine offers a spectacular and overwhelming natural landscape.

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