Güímar, Tenerife.

Discover Güímar in Tenerife.

Güimar, Tenerife

Güimar is located on the Southeast of Tenerife in the Canary islands. Güímar is located only 28 kms away from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Güímar, Tenerife
Güímar, Tenerife
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Pirámides de Güímar
Pirámides de Güímar
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The municipality of Güímar extends itself from the Arafo Volcano till the Herques Ravine, leaving us in the middle of incredible natural views, endearing beaches and a great gastronomic and cultural offer.

The extraordinary location of Güímar allowed it to become the perfect destinations for the practice of outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. In this municipality you might find many leafy trails such as Anocheza, Las vistas, Las Dehesas, Mal Abrigo - Siete Lomas, Malpaís de Güímar, the Barranco del Río, the Camino Real, Llano de Brujas, Barranco de Herques, Barranco de Badajoz and La Menora - Chacaica

There are many interesting places with cultural and historical relevance as the famous Güímar Pyramids (also called Majanos de Chacona), the Agache’s Tagoror Cultural Museum, the historic centre of San Pedro, the Santo Domingo church and the Antigua Fonda Medina.

Regarding its gastronomy, in Güímar you might try some of the most traditional dishes from the Southeast of Tenerife which include diverse ingredients such as avocados, carrots, mango, yams, papaya and others being the central ingredient either beef or chicken.

Güímar is also known for its wineries in which you might taste and enjoy some exquisite wines.
On this location in the island of Tenerife many parties and events are held throughout the year. Some of them with national relevance

Some of the most important festivities are:

San Antonio Abad (during last sunday of January).

Güímar’s Carnival (end of February, beginning of March).

Holy Week. In which you might assist liturgical acts, many pilgrimages and the important perform of The Passion.

Fiestas de la Cruz (On the 3rd May in Lomo de Mena and el Calvario towns).

La Fiesta del Gofio (On the 29th May). You might take a look at several exhibitions, tastings, gastronomical competitions a folk acts.

San Antonio de Padua (13th June).

El Corpus Christi.

Festivities to the Patron Saint San Pedro Apóstol (From the 1st June, with most activity on the 27th, 28th and 29th). You might see several important acts such as: Los Repiques, La Danza de las Cintas from the XVIII century, La Octava and el Recibimiento.

San José El Escobonal Festivities (First sunday of august). With typical dances called Danza de las Cintas, typical fights, folk acts and much more.

Virgen del Socorro Festivities (7th and 8th September). The first day is the lowering of the virgin and on the second is the rise of the virgin. During this festivity you might try some popular games.

How to get to Güímar:

If you wish to get to Güímar it’s advisable to rent a car in the island of Tenerife, take the TF-1 highway and exit on Güímar.

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